Add Some Color to Your World

Transform your home with the Viváve accent lighting system.  Thin and flat, the lights can hide in unexpected places and make a room come alive.  

The difference a little color can make is stunning.  A simple splash of light can whisk you away to a peaceful oasis, or help get you pumped for the day if that's what you need. Spice up your kitchen when entertaining or relax in tranquil coziness in your bedroom.

The Viváve system is networked.  You control the lighting with your iPhone or web browser!

Adjust all your lights at once, or each light individually, you're in control.

And really, the whole point of having them networked is to be able to create smooth flowing color animations.  Fluid and peaceful flow for a calming effect, or dancing to the beat and harmony of your music, your room comes alive in color.

You'll never see a blank wall the same way again.

Viváve is bringing features found in high-end gear for a fraction of the price.  Here comes affordable home automation!

When you have your lights beautifully illuminating your home and figure out that you would like to add more lights to your system, you can easily expand the system.  Pairing a new light to your controller is a simple process.

And, this is just the beginning.  The lights in this launch are one of many planned additions to the Viváve system.  In the near future, you will be able to integrate white lighting, other types of accent lights, customized timing for lights on/off or scenes, DIY hardware additions, other apps through an API, you name it!

Color Affects Your Mood

There's a reason why we paint things, they look great!  But color can also affect your mood, your focus, your blood pressure, much more.  We've all felt it at some point.  Take charge of your colors!

Repaint your rooms at home with light.  Every night, for every mood.

Started as a Passion

Viváve was created by Vim Venture.  Having many LED lighting projects under his belt, he originally made this system for his own home in his spare time.  The more his prototypes developed, the more excited he got about bringing this product to market.  And here it is in the home stretch!

Vim, who holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics, is an engineer, artist, technophile.  He has been creating technology and LED based art and creative products for years.  Check out the iPhone app "Leaves" from ThreeVee Software or the Digital Light Studio mentioned in the video.

What We Need

We are currently in a funding cycle and are seeking angel investment.

We have manufacturing partners ready to go.  And as mentioned in the video, we will manufacture here in the USA as volume and scheduling allows.  Please click the contact link above if you are interested in more information.


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